Poulos Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc. operates through dedicated volunteers.  Our organization can be successful and help families in need with the generosity of volunteers such as you.  Volunteers donating their time and expertise are what make a difference.  


We need volunteers who can assist in many different ways such as working with corporate sponsors, corporate partners, professional athletes and entertainers to acquire autographed memorabilia, organizing fundraising events, and being a liaison to a family, among many other needs.


Your time and expertise will not only help us achieve our mission, but it can help make a difference to a sick child and a family in need.  Currently, we need volunteers to assist with the variety of areas listed below.  


Complete the form to become a volunteer and let us know how you would like to help our organization. 


Your time and expertise can be helpful in one of the following areas.


  • Contacting corporate sponsors for fundraising

  • Contacting corporate partners to set up our network of discounts that will be passed along to families in need.  We need corporate partners such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, rental car companies, and taxi cab companies, among others.

  • Contacting professional athletes and entertainers to obtain autographed memorabilia that will be auctioned on our website with all proceeds going towards our mission.

  • Organizing and assisting with various fundraising events. 

  • Assisting with social media campaigns to bring awareness for our organization and obtain donations.

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Find us: 

4388 Lawrenceville Highway

Tucker, Ga 30084