Poulos Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc. helps families who have children that have been diagnosed with cancer. Families often need to travel away from home to get the best care for their child, which gets expensive. A family with a sick child can cause a family to suffer financial challenges, where even the smallest expenses, such as airfare, meals and lodging, become unaffordable. PCCF, Inc. works with corporate sponsors that provide a variety of discounts that we offer to families in need. If a family is financially challenged, we provide assistance with the discounted expenses using funds that are raised from donations, and our online auctions.


90% of the donations that PCCF, Inc. receives are allocated towards the short-term and long-term mission, and 10% go towards administrative expenses to operate the organization. Unlike other organizations, we believe that your money should go towards the cause and not overhead.  We operate our organization through non-paid volunteers who have a passion for the cause.  


We look forward to having you partner with us and contribute to our organization.